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Financial Solutions Team

Proven with Numerous Years of Experience

Financial Solutions

Gary Hayworth & Investment Centers of America (ICA) raises the bar when it comes to financial planning support. Gary works in conjunction with the Financial Solutions Team (FST) at ICA, which consists of a team of investment professionals, ranging from CFPs to CRCs with an average of 15+ years in the industry, who partner with your financial representative to share independent investment insight with you, the client. The FST specializes in helping your advisor identify and prioritize issues that are uncovered in the profiling and discovery process. Through the FST’s considerable experience working with various financial cases throughout the firm, they collaborate with your advisor to develop and implement customized strategies that create, maintain and distribute wealth for your individual situation.

Some of the services that the Financial Solutions Team offers include:

  • Retirement Life Planning
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Management
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Long Term Health Care Issues
  • Charitable Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
Comprehensive Planning

ICA’s Financial Solutions Team can help you and your financial representative plan and manage your wealth through a comprehensive array of financial services, including financial planning, investment management, retirement income planning, estate planning, and insurance.

Personalized Process

The Financial Solutions Team can help deliver professional objective guidance and solutions that work for individual situations through tailored action plans from growing, preserving and distributing your wealth.

Dedicated Partnership

The Financial Solutions Team’s uncommon approach to financial solutions provides you with not just one advisor, but a whole team of highly qualified professionals ready to help you reach your goals.

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